PMLogo Pattern Manager

Pattern Manager software allows you to:

Organize notes, bookmarks, emails, files and data using visual patterns.

Store any pattern of physical or abstract Objects you ever observe.

Navigate your pattern database like retrieving memory patterns.

Pattern Databases

Pattern Databases store all information as just two record types: Nearly any information can be represented as patterns of Objects and Associations.

Pattern Databases eliminate the need to memorize patterns of data.

Complex unstructured data can be stored in a Pattern Database without forcing it into specific lists or hierarchies.

The speed and unstructured nature of Pattern Databases can create the illusion that you are interacting with actual memory patterns.

Interactive Views

Pattern Management software creates 2D "Views" on the desktop from data stored in your Pattern Database. Navigate a Pattern Database by expanding any Object in any View to see more associated Objects.

Navigate an Association between two Objects in either direction.

Once you learn to manage one Object, you can manage any number of Objects and Associations.

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