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Selecting what information to keep in a personal database is an important skill.

Maintaining a personal database requires a lifelong commitment.

The sooner you start a personal database the more data you will have available later in life.

How Much of Your Life Do You Remember?

People remember less than one in a billion of the things they observe in a lifetime.

How did you decide which stuff to remember and which to let yourself forget?

Do you deny the parts of your life you do not remember?

Would you be the same person if you could remember every small detail of your life?

Benefits of a Personal Database

Acquiring well organized data on a subject can be better than memorizing or going to school to learn a subject.

A well organized personal database can help when you need to memorize information for short periods of time so you can apply the information to a problem.

You can share your ideas by sharing part or all of your personal database with others.

When you explore your database you will likely be surprised at the volumes of information you have forgotten since you added them to the database.

You can give the database to someone when you are gone.

It is never too late to start a personal database. You can always backfill your database at any time by setting aside time to dump everything you know about yourself or any subject into your database. It does not even matter if your recollection is poor or even incorrect, since your database reflects what you know and you control who sees it.

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