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Manage a personal database as interactive patterns
The Pattern Management Project
The Pattern Management Project was created to rethink the way people triage, create, manage and interact with data patterns.

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Create a Personal Database
A personal database can store a lifetime of notes, bookmarks, files, emails and patterns.
Learn by Storing Patterns
You can accumulate a lifetime of information as patterns of data stored in a database rather than memorized in your head.
Triage Incoming Data
Think of receiving data as a triage process, where you add to patterns or start new ones.
Why Memorize Anything Ever
Albert Einstein famously said: "Never memorize something you can look up."
Windows Without Windows
Is there an alternative to square dialogs for managing data?

Pattern Manager
Pattern Manager software allows anyone to manage data objects as interactive patterns.
Pattern Manager Getting Started
Pattern Manager runs on any Windows 10 tablet or desktop.

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